Kubernetes: Learning Material

Guides, documentations, blogs, and other learning material for Kubernetes.

Kubernetes is a powerful tool that allows you to orchestrate, manage, and handle containers at scale, successfully. The learning curve can be steep and the terminology can be a lot to learn. Below you’ll find a comprehensive, curated list of learning material that can be used to help you get started.

General Introduction

Blogs, Videos, and Stories!

I would highly recommend reading and watching all the links down below. If you are short for time then make the 10 most common mistakes using Kubernetes and Kubernetes at Reddit a high priority!

Learnings and Documentations

I’ll be updating this list as I come across new material, articles, and videos. If you have any recommendations please list them in the comment section or tweet me, @AARONGXA.

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Kubernetes: Curated List of Tools and Resources